Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany! Where do I even start with this girl?! I met this little fireball and I felt like we were instantly friends. Her confidence shines so brightly and definitely did for her Sedona Senior Photos. Plus, I love her fashion sense. Seriously, Tiffany, can you just pick out outfits for all of my shoots from here on out? Oh, and also let’s go shopping sometime; I’ll need your expertise! 😉

Besides Tiffany’s impeccable fashion taste, she is incredibly smart and talented. She currently attends Flagstaff High School and will be graduating in May! She plans on going to a beauty school, which I know she will succeed in. Tiffany is a fun spirited person and we had so much fun at our destination senior shoot in Sedona! It was fun to adventure around in the Red Rocks, and Tiff was even brave enough to take some photos in the creek. I’m sure it was cold in there but she worked it!

One of my favorite parts of her senior portrait session in Sedona was that she incorporated her boyfriend into the shoot for a few minutes. I love it when our seniors do a shorter session with their boyfriends or girlfriends or have them tag along to include them for a few minutes. I think it’s a special way to remember this part of a senior’s life and who they’re dating at the time.

Best of luck to you Tiffany, I know life is going to take you to so many great places!

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