I’m so excited to introduce the new MK Studios branding which my graphic designer and I have been working on for the past two months. Let me just say, an update was due! The last time I had my digital branding done was in 2012.

My designer described MK Studios as editorial, vibrant, modern, authentic, empowering, elegant, and refined. She drew upon inspiration from a Pinterest board I created at the beginning of the project. She asked me to include anything and everything that resonated with me which ended up ranging from outfits, inspirational photography, other logos, and art.

The color palette we narrowed to black, white, a petrol blue, and a coral peach. Black and white will be MK Studio’s primary colors. They are a bold contrast, always classic, and the black and white color combo feels close to my personality. Black and white also gives the editorial and refined vibe MK Studios goes for.

Because my photography is vibrant, bright, and airy, we wanted two additional colors to help bring that vibe out in my brand. I wasn’t sure at first about the coral peach, but it will be used to bring out the feminine and fun mood my brand sometimes has. We also landed on the petrol blue for the authentic and empowering side.

Stay tuned, because this, of course, means a new website to incorporate the new branding is in order! Without further adieu…

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