God blessed my life bringing Megan and her dear parents into my life. It has been such a blast getting to know her (among her insanely busy schedule) this past year and getting to photograph her Scottsdale Senior Portraits.

My husband had a seizure a few months ago which was not something any of us expected. Megan suffers from epilepsy and, I believe, is partly one of the reasons it was meant to be that we met. She and her parents answered so many questions we had and were there for us throughout the entire process. God knew Matt and I would need them and their prayers!

Megan is highly intelligent and analytical. She takes her student career and all the extracurriculars she’s involved in very seriously, but totally lightens up when you get to chatting with her about Christmas (um, same! Counting down the days already!), Disney, and musical theatre. Megan was a dancer for most of her life so, as you can imagine, she was a total dream to photograph as she just eased into poses like NBD. She has weathered upheaval and uncertainty throughout many points in her life but has done so with a wholly unusual combination of growth, conviction, and enthusiasm.

I also really appreciate her trying her best to explain the purpose and proper response to TBH polls during the promo shoot. 🤪

Getting to know girls like Megan as part of my “job” means I have the best career ever! I loved her shoot, the locations we chose, her adorable outfits, and most of all, her! This gal is already at ASU setting the world on fire. Congrats on your student career and all your accomplishments at Arizona State University, Megan! I’m totally rooting for you on the sidelines. 🙂

Scottsdale Senior Portraits by MK Studios
Hair and makeup by Jessica Adarme

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