I absolutely love it when clients living in the southern Arizona area want to come up north to have their senior photos captured. It was such a thrill doing this for Megan’s Cactus Shadows High School senior photos. How fun for her to have senior images that look completely different from her classmates. This is why I totally encourage traveling outside of your normal area if it can be managed.

One of my favorite things about Megan’s session was watching her and her mom interact and seeing how much they look alike. It made me smile to think of how beautiful a mother-daughter portrait would be of them, and the little moments between them on the shoot showed how important that kind of imagery is.

I think Megan and her mom’s favorite part of the shoot (and possibly everyone else’s) was Ichabod, their Huskie doggie that joined in on the modeling. He was totally in his element in the snow, so he had a blast and got some good exercise for the day. Not to mention, he did a great job as a photo subject which you’ll see below.

So, Megan looks totally happy and normal in these shots, but I do want to disclose that it was absolutely freezing the day we shot these. And what a trooper Megan was to wear a dress despite the temps.

Overall, Megan was such an adorable gem and I’m so glad she and I were connected. Enjoy her and Ichabod below!

Cactus Shadows High School Senior Photos by MK Studios
Flagstaff hair and makeup by Beth Greenrock

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