I’ve known Madison for several years now because I photographed her older sister’s Flagstaff cheerleading senior photos a few years ago. During that same year, I also did family portraits in Flagstaff for them. Madison’s mom, Yvonne, is one of my favorite senior moms. I meet so many of them but over the years, Yvonne is someone who has always been fun to keep in touch with.

Of course, an awesome mom like Yvonne is going to have has lovely daughters, and Madison is just that – lovely. She is very poised and has an elegant grace about her, but she’s still fun and relatable. Madison is a cheerleader for Flagstaff High School, but it’s actually hard for me to imagine her yelling/cheering at all because her presence is always so polished. Regardless, she is a 2-time Cheer Captain and a 2-time All American Cheerleader.

I also love Madison’s sense of style which made photographing her Flagstaff cheerleading senior photos even more fun. The jean overall dress was so adorable especially amid the late-summer sunflowers. I really enjoyed exploring a somewhat new location with Madison for the first part of her session.

Overall, I’m so excited for Madison’s next chapter. I’m so blessed to know her and her amazing little family. Best of luck, lady!

Madison’s Flagstaff hair and makeup by Beth Greenrock.
Flagstaff Senior Photos by MK Studios.

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