OK, let me just start out by telling you my favorite thing about Kaylene. She is so confident, and I love it! Sometimes it’s hard to find a high school senior girl who is sure of herself and confident enough to display it in demeanor and attitude which made it so much fun capturing her Page High School senior photos.

She and her mom and a friend traveled to Flagstaff to meet me there and have her Page High School senior photos done. She picked the perfect date because the fall leaves were still on the Aspen trees with plenty that had fallen to the ground as well. The weather could not have been more lovely with a light breeze but not cold enough yet to make it uncomfortable in a short-sleeved dress. (Though, I’m not sure her friend, Izzy, would agree with me.)

Going back to Kaylene’s confidence…

Kaylene is a part of my Class of 2020 Senior Influencer team and this year, we all traveled to Scottsdale for our annual Promotional Shoot for my brand, MK Studios. At several points, I was getting a ride with Kaylene and two of my other Influencers from Page, AZ to different shoot locations. During our drives to and from each place, Kaylene was always respectful carrying on a conversation with me and asking me questions about my life. I meet a lot of high school seniors each year and many of them are on their phones during downtime moments. But Kaylene was confident enough to put herself out there and ask me about me which is a great quality to have.

I have no doubt she will do so well after high school since she’s already clearly got her networking skills down. She’s also always been on top of any emails I’ve sent out as well as questionnaires. To put it simply, Kaylene will be a functioning, responsible adult haha! This speaks a lot to her parents and how they raised her. They did a good job, and they’ve got themselves a great girl who will go far in her future endeavors. I can’t wait to watch them unfold from the social media sidelines. 🙂

I haven’t written much about her photos because I’m just so in love with Kaylene’s charming personality, but you can take a look for yourself below. Could she be any more gorgeous?! Um, no. She is breathtaking both smiley and serious. 😉

Congrats on making it this far, Kaylene! Hang in – it’s almost over and then…on to the next!

Flagstaff Senior Photography by MK Studios
Flagstaff Hair and Makeup by Beth Greenrock

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