I’m so excited to debut some of Janette’s Arizona personal branding session in Flagstaff. Janette’s business is actually located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but she and her family have a cabin in Flagstaff, AZ, and so she wanted to capture some images for her brand while she was in the area.

Janette provides personal and professional coaching to other women who need help “getting shit done” and realizing their full potential. I wrote about this on my Instagram the other day, but I love the meta description that pops up when you search her website –

“Janette is a no-nonsense, roll-up-your-sleeves, let’s-get-to-work-and-get-shit-done kind of lady and leader, and she is guaranteed to make you think twice about some of the commitments and tasks currently on your plate.” She is passionate about helping other women succeed in business and living life to the fullest, which I love! Her goals, passions, and business totally match the type of women my brand, MK Studios, wants to work with.

Janette was super fun to work with. I loved her house in Flagstaff, and I loved throwing together some flatlay photography for her social media and website specifically as well as taking lots and lots of portraits of her in several areas around her house, in downtown Flagstaff, and on north Northern Arizona University campus which has an urban vibe I love.

Janette’s business is service-based versus product-based, so I wanted to focus on her in the images as well as some lifestyle imagery showcasing what a day in the life of Janette would look like while working her services. That, coupled with a few flatlays featuring a lot of negative space to help make her social media presence look refined, intentional, and aesthetic, it was a well-rounded session overall.

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