I’ve gotten really close with Briana over the past year. She is my Flagstaff hair and makeup artist’s daughter, so I knew she would be a part of my Class of 2020 Senior Influencer team. She also has an interest in photography, so she’s been interning for me this year helping to assist on photo shoots and with some of my social media tasks. Seeing her so many times made it super fun and easy to capture her Flagstaff High School seasonal senior photos.

Briana is a quiet and observant girl who values having a few close-knit friends she can count on over many. This is a trait that resonates with me as well, and I love that we have that in common.

I don’t meet most of my senior clients in person until the day of their shoot. Since Briana goes to school with many of the other seniors I photograph, I always ask beforehand, “Hey, do you know Jane? What is she like?” just to give me some insight into a person before we start shooting. Briana is such a sweetie because she never has anything bad to say about anyone. She is definitely a glass-half-full kind of gal with heaps of positivity to give out. I’ve really enjoyed talking about her future plans after graduation, photography, family, and day-to-day life before and after the shoots she assists me with.

Because she tends to be on the quieter side, I thought she might be a little more reserved in front of the camera, but we started shooting and she totally rocked her presence like it was no big deal. Also, she looks so similar to her brother that editing her photos kind of freaked me out! 🙂 See more for yourself below!

Best wishes finishing out the year and on your graduation, Bri! I’m so lucky to know you.

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