MK Studios - Michelle Koechle


I'm Michelle!

I’m currently living amid the beautiful Arizona mountains with my husband, our three wild, blue-eyed children, and our three dogs. I’m an artistic fashion addict with rock-n-roll style and have a huge love for the arts.

In 2011, my mother passed away after a 6-year battle with ovarian cancer. It was then that I realized the only tangible memories I had of her lied within a few simple photographs. She hated to have her picture taken, but I was upset for not taking more while she was alive. This is why I’m a photographer. I want the world to know that NOW is the time to get yourself and the ones you love in front of a camera. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I’m here to help you make sure your most important moments are frozen in time.



PERSONAL JAM // hella good by no doubt...rock'n'roll forever!
TAKE MY MONEY // tata harper, may lindstrom...sigh
FAVORITE SEASON // winter, give me all the snow!
GUILTY PLEASURE // watching my favorite sitcoms over-and-over. seinfeld, why can't I quit you?!
ALTERNATE JOB // rock singer
FAVORITE FOOD // cereal. all day.