I know some parents are reading this and totally rolling their eyes at me, and I get it! Most of us don’t take relationships that develop during high school too seriously and considering it’s pretty rare in this day and age for someone to marry their high school sweetheart – that makes sense. But, hear me out! I think there are a few good reasons to include your boyfriend or girlfriend, and I wanted to share them with you in case the idea had crossed your mind but you weren’t sure how well it would be received.

So, here are five reasons to include your boyfriend or girlfriend in your senior portraits from my perspective as the photographer and as someone who wants the best outcome for your session.

1. The photos taken at school dances and events are usually terrible.

Not to sound too harsh, but it’s true! Sometimes dance photos include silly backdrops and are akin to the worst awkward family photos. I particularly enjoy this one. When you include your guy or gal in your session, you’ll walk away knowing you’ll end up with at least a few photos of the two of you looking natural, happy and most importantly, not awkward!

boyfriend girlfriend senior portraits

2. You can use a few of the photos for your social media.

Let’s be real – this is the main reason we want images with our boyfriend or girlfriend, right? We want to metaphorically shout our love from the rooftops and these days, that means posting about it on our favorite social media platforms. Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of high school seniors and those who had had a boyfriend or girlfriend definitely had posted photos of themselves with their honey on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. I totally understand wanting ones that actually look professional, don’t include people photo bombing you in the background, and in one of your favorite locations. We can make that happen and have fun doing it!

3. You might not be dating five years from now, but these are still your memories.

I didn’t marry my high school boyfriend, thank goodness! But when I look back at the images we took together at prom, homecoming and other events, I cherish the memories I’ve saved. Sure,he wasn’t my true love, but that doesn’t mean our relationship didn’t happen. It’s awesome to have images to look back on and even laugh at.

4. You don’t have to include them in every pose or location.

Including your main squeeze in the photo shoot doesn’t mean that he or she will be in every location and every pose. I usually pick a good spot at a point that feels like a  good time to have them hop in which is usually after I’ve already done a few poses with the senior first. Once we’ve all warmed up to each other, then I’ll do a couple of different poses within a fifteen minute time span or so which usually results in about 5-8 different final images of the two of you – a perfect amount.

boyfriend girlfriend senior portraits

5. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can help out!

OK, so this might be more for my benefit than yours. 🙂
We typically always have a photo shoot assistant present to hold equipment and make sure you look your best, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend is there, they can help too. Brought a ton of outfits to a remote area? Your boyfriend can help us carry them! Were you hoping to include a few props or a pet? Your girlfriend can help facilitate.
If you haven’t been dating for very long, I usually won’t recommend they come just because you might not be super comfortable with each other yet, and I would hate to have you feel nervous or shy just because you know your boyfriend is watching your every move. But if you know each other well and feel comfortable with each other, your boyfriend or girlfriend might help you to relax and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

That’s it! We always want you to have the best time ever at your photo shoot and if that means having your guy or gal tag along, we are all for it! We want to make sure you have an incredible and memorable senior year, and this is one way we can accommodate that. Let us know if you’re wanting to include your babe. We’ll help you figure out the logistics.

What do you think? Yes or no on including your honey?



I think those make a good argument, but as someone who had a high school breakup and kids now that will probably go through it…I say no! Haha. However, if it didn’t end horribly I would probably say differently.

My HS boyfriend and I didn’t break up well either, but I still love our prom photos!

This is so smart! I remember in college, my high school boyfriend of 5 years did family photos and I wasn’t included and I was SO sad! We didn’t get married but I totally agree, they are still memories and I totally could have helped the photographer out. Great post!

Thanks so much, Brittany!

That’s such a great idea. I never thought about that before. High school boyfriends are such a huge HS memory for most people. Absolutely include them!

It’s so much fun for sure! Thanks for visiting!

A long, LONG time ago I did this with my current boyfriend and the photos were so cute. I had several outfits and he joined me for photos in one of the outfits. We went to different schools so we both were wearing our schools T-shirt’s. Sure we didn’t end up together but they were fun photos at the time without him being in all my pictures.

That’s so neat! That sounds like a full-blown couple’s session though, as opposed to just a few quick shots incorporated in the senior session. How fun!

It’s a neat idea! How would you recommend clients propose that to their photographers without it sounding like they’re trying to get a couples session out of it?

Hi there! I think it’s pretty explanatory in and of itself when a senior asks if their boyfriend/girlfriend can tag along and if they can be included in a few images. Most seniors don’t want a full-blown couple’s session. Hope that helps!

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